Telling a story through motion is compelling, but disseminating all creative assets into code-based constructs (HTML5, CSS & JavaScript) has become a true key offering.

Full Production Examples

As a brand developer/designer, I bring a unique mindset to video production. My "big picture"  approach coupled with my skill set range allows me to develop, produce, execute and deliver all expects of a given video project—A to Z. Here are a few executions that feature this full-stack approach.

Mill Creek Watch / Branding Promo
ROLES: Writer / Editor / Motion Graphics / VO & Sound Design

INTEL - Sweepstakes / Branding Promo
ROLES: Director / DP / Editor / Motion Graphics & Sound Design

Macalester College - Motion/Edit Promo
ROLES: Editor / Motion Graphics / Sound Design


Brand Identity + Wed Design

From ID to UX design & development, I've given many brands their online voice. Here are just a few implementations for which I've served as creative director, designer and front-end developer—taking these entities from initial concept through site launch.

Portfolio Excerpts

Dominion Community Outreach Report

Walmart Inline DVD Spinner Display Design

Drive a Tank Filming_Small

Film Feature

At the heart, I'm a storyteller, so my ventures in screenwriting and film production have allowed some expression outside the sort-form confines of advertising & marketing. Here's a peek into that world.