From I.A.B. compliant display ads for DoubleClick or Sizmek, interactive widgets for apps and ePubs, or animated GIFs, Facebook Canvas and the like, I provide ancillary design/dev services along with a secure approval process that's second to none.


Storytelling through motion has become one of my most sought after offerings. It truly ads compelling impact while bolstering effective communication and data visualization. In addition, my ability to disseminate assets into code-based constructs (HTML5, CSS & JavaScript) is a real productivity safeguard.

Live Action

Successful live action storytelling starts with an in-depth understanding of budget, vendors, scheduling, and of course shooting in a variety of settings and configurations. Maintaining the balance between creative, logistics, performance, composition, and continuity is what I do best—keeping the big picture in focus and making postproduction a breeze.

Brand Identity + Wed Design

From ID to UX design & development, I've given many brands their online voice. Here are just a few implementations for which I've served as creative director, designer and front-end developer—taking these entities from initial concept through site launch.

Production Examples

As a brand developer/designer, I bring a unique mindset to video production. My "big picture"  approach coupled with my skill set range allows me to develop, produce, execute and deliver all expects of a given video project—A to Z. Here are a few executions that feature this full-stack approach.

Mill Creek Watch / Branding Promo
ROLES: Writer / Editor / Motion Graphics / VO & Sound Design

INTEL - Sweepstakes / Branding Promo
ROLES: Director / DP / Editor / Motion Graphics & Sound Design

Macalester College - Motion/Edit Promo
ROLES: Editor / Motion Graphics / Sound Design


Traditional Design/Bradning Excerpts

Dominion Community Outreach Report

Walmart Inline DVD Spinner Display Design

Drive a Tank Filming_Small

Film Feature

At the heart, I'm a storyteller, so my ventures in screenwriting and film production have allowed some expression outside the sort-form confines of advertising & marketing. Here's a peek into that world.